Always fascinated by the strange and the bizarre, we started this adventure to dig into the other side of the High Strangeness Realm. Each of us have been fans of the fortean world as long as we can remember, and so it was decided to not only start this Podcast, but with whatever time we have aside from our everyday life, that we would research, read, plan trips to visit sites and places that have anything to do with the High Strangeness world. Hosted by Shane Mields, John Finnegan & Josh Stohl, we all love the weird, but each of us have a certain love for different categories in the Paranormal. John is more the UFO researcher, Josh is more the Conspiracy world researcher, and ,myself? I’m the Ghost guy, and proud to be called as such. We all have had encounters throughout our lives that we can’t explain, and at times, it doesn’t seem to stop. From Cryptids, UFO’s, Ghosts, and crazy conspiracy theories, we cover it all. One thing we always try to do first and foremost, is debunk before we believe. The world is full of charlatans and hucksters, or simply people that don’t understand what they experienced. All of this, is our life and our love. Step into the shadows with us and open the gate’s…Its going to be a wild ride